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Vacuum deposition systems
Equipment for vacuum deposition systems



The company ROBVAC specializes in the production of vacuum systems, (mainly vacuum coating systems, and plasma-chemical deposition, as well as components for coating systems) and offering services in the vacuum coating field. The selection of coating systems offered by us is fairly wide – from laboratory systems to industrial ones, with diameters of 20 cm to 4 m.

Industrial and Intellectual strengths of ROBVAC

The company ROBVAC is settled in the Fryasino scientific town, which has a glorious and and lengthy past in productions of complex components for the high-tech industries, Universities, R&D companies and the military facilities of the USSR and Russia.

Highly qualified staff, new measuring and metal industrial equipment, a proper laboratory for research of vacuum coating processes, adherence of our staff to producing reliable equipment, all this acts as reassurance to our clients, that they are working with a team of professionals, and greatly defines the success of our company.

Utilising our own laboratory for analysis of thin films, which were produced by the method of vacuum coating, our company exists as not only a producer of coating systems, but also as a developer of various industrial branches that use vacuum coating technologies.

The company ROBVAC also offers services in applying vacuum surfaces. If it is unprofitable for the Buyer to purchase a vacuum coating system in a small collection of parts, which require a thin coated membrane, our company offers everything to help with that service. If there is a need of developing a technological process of vacuum coating for a certain task of the Buyer, our specialists are ready to offer their time and service to help.

We are always happy to see our clients on our production ground to discuss your tasks and to show our operating systems.